Sprint 3

For this sprint we continued to iterate on our existing 6 game ideas and I ran my first QA test on two of the prototypes we weren’t as sure about.  The two games that I had majorly iterated on as well as started from scratch was the Bad Neighbor game where the player has to go around and mess with an NPC and a shadows/anxiety game mechanic where the player must stand in the shadows to kill the enemies but they will be less accurate and gain fear while standing in the shadows for too long.


In Bad Neighbor I iterated on making the player affect the NPC in different ways to increase the NPC’s hunger/sleep/anger bars that make the NPC do different humorous things. One example is that the NPC can be trying to sleep but the player can turn on the lights making the NPC angrier and start chasing the player. However if the player turns the lights back off the NPC pauses for a second possibly considering their options and then promptly goes back to bed.


The shadows fps game can achieve multiple different types of interesting game design options with the weapons and how they work in the shadows as well as the enemies/level.  The destructible meshes make the gameplay feel very rewarding, and the shadows can also provide some narrative depth to the character to make them feel alive too. Honestly these two prototypes are our strongest so far, and next sprint we will try to challenge along with a prototype that Charlie has created.