Sprint 10

This week for Capstone was a leap of improvement for many aspects of player feedback, including adding in new sounds and visual effects, and tweaking many gameplay values.  I also worked closely with Bryce (VFX and UI Artist) to correctly incorporate the UI mockups that he had created.  I was able to put in the final UI direction for the progression menu, level end screen and level map point UI.ProgressionImage.PNG


While these UI elements will need a bit more tweaking before the final build at the end of next sprint, it is very nice to have them in the engine to connect all the details of the gameplay experience for the player to really feel involved in the game.

Looking forward to next sprint being our final sprint before we have a finalized packaged version of the game, we just need to really finalize some specifics on the game’s balance in regards to the level times.

I am extremely excited to show off this project on November 20th and it’s amazing how much progress we have been able to make.