Production Cycle Week 3 (Greenlight)

For the third week of production, we are challenging to pass greenlight after fulfilling all the requirements that were given to us.  The main ones I will be talking about today have to do with the changes that we are making to our updated target market audience so that our game doesn’t fall down the common pitfall of having a game that isn’t necessarily marketable towards anyone.

Our updated market audience went from hardcore players to midcore/casual players.  These are the type of players who enjoy casual games but want the content and mechanics to span more into the hardcore territory while still remaining ‘friendly’ and forgiving.

Many of our mechanics had originally been hardcore by design, the most prominent being the death system where we revamped the players dying by changing the insta-death system to incorporate a last stand mechanic. From QA feedback we learned that the majority were using the revive system to it’s fullest.  Since the QA testers were 70% our target audience, this is a huge relief to hear that this major change in the games core mechanics have targeted our new target audience perfectly.

Another major part of Toybox’s greenlight requirements is our amount of planning for the rest of production.  I personally made elaborate asset lists for enemies, interactables, upgrades, artwork and more to have our priorities straight on what needs to get done for the game as well as how much room for expansion we actually have.  The most of my hours this week was spent towards the documentation so that as a team we are all on the same page as well as being unified behind the design decisions that I’ve made. Overall next sprint we will have so much more visual progress made within the game (compared to this sprint). So make sure to stay tuned!