Production sprint 5

For this week, I worked on prototyping enemy code that we had planned out, and also re-iterating base enemy and player interaction to make the base gameplay loop in the game feel extremely good.

The first enemy that I prototyped was the dino enemy.  The Dino enemy will see the player and then charge.  The dino is faster than the other melee enemies but cannot chase the player.  After hitting the wall after the player dodges it, the dino will recharge and then run back at the next player it sees.

The second enemy was the UFO which will actually change colors throughout it’s lifetime.  The UFO is another melee enemy that’s planned to make the player choose their route throughout the level.

The base gameplay loop was improved through adding a player movement component to the base player blueprint.  This made the movement much more fluid and allowed a slight acceleration throughout the controls.  The upgrades we implemented this level added onto this new improvement by making the player speed feel faster when upgraded and making the dash very efficient throughout the game.