Production Sprint 8 (Alpha)

For production Alpha, we worked on getting the game in a finalized state in terms of content.  The enemies, special abilities and upgrades had to be finished and the levels as well but the actual art was not going to be able to be completely finalized.

We started working harder on the actual art assets that needed to be completed.  For example getting all the skins finally designed and worked out who among the artists would work on that specific part of the game.

I continued work on bugs to make sure the gameplay was completely fresh for each player, and the new enemy work made sure that the QA tests that we did proved to us that we were moving in the right direction.

Some slight changes in the UI and enemy design were made on my part of the development,  but I mostly held a team product owner role on this sprint when answering questions about what work had to be done for the production cycle to be a success.