Production Cycle 9

After Alpha was finished, our team has started to work on materials for the senior show and some marketing objects as well.  These include the poster, team reel, and starting to brainstorm how we want to present the physical appearance of the game.  While I wasn’t directly working on gathering the materials or finalizing the decisions made, I helped spear-head the brainstorm and team work to get to the initial designs.

Continuing after alpha, there were tons of bugs to have fixed.  With the core game loop, interact-able elements and enemy designs we had to constantly hear back from QA about things that were slightly wrong and work on ways to fix them for the gameplay.

One of the most exciting parts of this sprint was finally adding in the laser sight which was a constant want from QA testers.  This new functionality let the players really aim better as well as connect with the gameplay in a whole new way that greatly helped the game.

Since this is the week before Beta, we worked tirelessly to make sure the art models were correct as well as decorating plenty of levels to correctly make the game look as good as Toybox feels to play.