Production Sprint 10 (BETA)

For this week, our team tackled the BETA requirements and got to the point in the game where our functionality is completed and it’s time for polish.  As the lead designer on this project, I have always been looking for more opportunities to be able to fine tune the systems in the game and polish has been a huge part of making the game look and feel so good to the player.

One of the major requirements was finalizing the UI and while there were some bugs that popped up, after Beta we can really start working on finalizing the bug fixing and really getting user experience nailed down.ScreenShot00007.png

The level complete HUD was redone to be more simplified.  The major piece of information being the stars gained and then them filling up as the player gets closer and closer to getting a new upgrade


The Upgrade HUD also was revisited to give rarity to the new upgrades that were implemented.  In total there are 13 upgrades as the player won’t be able to get any more based on the amount of levels in the game.


This is a quick sneak peak of what the Chapter B levels look like.  The lighting is still being worked on, but the artistic model placement and new models used makes the game feel so much different throughout the chapters.