Production Cycle 11 (Post-Beta)

After beta, we have the intense task of getting everything ready for Release Candidate-1 which happens in a very little amount of time.  The main thing I personally was focused on was bug testing to the degree of level design.  There are so many things that could be wrong with each level and the fact that our game requires two players to play through each level makes it very obvious that its not tested as well as it should be.

Things like enemies being stuck in the ground, interact-ables and UI screens have some very interesting bugs that need to be solved before we can really reach a polished state so it was my job to find and solve all of these bugs.

This sprint I also worked on a bunch of audio that would help the polish of the game feel more immersive for the players.  I made each new enemy have a unique sound or multiple.  I also have a finalized list of audio elements that I will be implementing and creating for the next couple of sprints.

The polish is now in full force and that is my favorite and best part as a game designer.  Our game already had some amazing polish since the first semester but, I now have the chance to almost fully dedicate my time to creating and implementing new polish.