Production Cycle 12 (Release Candidate-1)

This will be my final blog post before the post mortem and we were able to add so many polish elements and bug fixes throughout this week.  I really forced myself to create a crunch this week because I knew that since we had to hit Gold Master next week, I didn’t want there to be any known bugs unsolved so that we could solve any unknown bugs by that time.

The main thing was going through each level and world and making sure every case scenario was solved, but also planning for the game to be set in the gallery for a weeks time I had to come up with automation.  I created a system where the game would restart to the main menu if left idle for too long.  I also made it so that no matter where in the game the player was, they would activate this system and if there was no one actively playing the game, it would restart completely.

I also finalized the audio completely.  All sounds and music are now in the game which includes the 3 fresh music tracks I made for each world.  The tracks are meant to fit in with the feeling of each world and they do so way better than I had originally planned.

I had worked extremely hard throughout this semester to help the team and the game come to a point where I personally felt good with the product and even though I spent upwards of 50 hours this week and multiple all nighters.  I still don’t feel like Toybox is at the level it could be.

I am immensely proud of the finalized product and the team for bringing my vision to life and I hope Champlain College and everyone who plays enjoys the game for how much time we spent polishing the game loop.